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We know that purchasing an advanced biofeedback system requires both the need to run simple yet effective sessions, along with deeper, more complex ways of discovery unique to EPR/ Trivector Biofeedback. We nurture new and seasoned device users alike by being available on a regular basis. Our live mentoring webinars build community and confidence in technique, in addition to providing access to the standardized pre-recorded modules crafted on 15 years of experience. We don't hold anything back in terms of knowledge or mentoring new device users on their cases. 

We don't regard each new ISS student as simply a registration, but rather as the addition of a valuable new member to our community. Because the systems we instruct on are continually improving, our technical support for students, ongoing webinars, private group interactions, and live field events help you integrate this modality into either your private practice, your personal use of it, or both. Here is what our happy ISS community members have to say about choosing us as your educational team, and staying with us for ongoing CEU's. 
Having experienced biofeedback due to unresolved health issues, I purchased a new Indigo and have since upgraded to an Eductor. I enrolled in the Levels 1, 2 and 3 courses then took some advanced courses offered by the Institute of Stress Sciences. With no previous knowledge of the device, I now feel confident in its usage due to the instruction Gage Tarrant, founder of the Institute of Stress Sciences and MindNRG, provides. Gage teaches and demonstrates biofeedback device usage with detailed explanations based on her years of experience working with clients in a variety of situations. Her teaching style is a no-nonsense approach that helps her students understand what the device is capable of doing, shows how to use it effectively and shares coaching tips and techniques to use while working with clients. A true professional, Gage Tarrant offers quality training that focuses on the latest technology in biofeedback, namely the Eductor 64. Will I continue to go to MindNRG and the Institute of Stress Sciences for my biofeedback equipment, resources and training needs? YES! - Nicolette Boros, M.Ed., SMCPLT, LSWC - Cleveland, Ohio
It has been a gradual process of orienting and digesting the Beg Level 1 Basic Operations material. I have progressed from a few sessions/week of watching your videos to daily spending 2-4 hours watching, practicing, refining. To say the least I am hooked... I am an eager and disciplined student and appreciate your patient attention to detail. The recent addition of the printed manual was very helpful...I have spent so many hours with you that I feel like I know you and the we have established a connection. I want you to know that I value and appreciate the massive amount of thought, time and energy you have invested in making this material accessible in a thorough and systematic way. I can't imagine purchasing this equipment and trying to learn how to operate it without good mentoring. - L.V., Kentucky.
I am happy and proud to be associated with ISS. I started with an EPFX, moved up to SCIO and then to an Indigo. Have been around for a few years, during which I have worked full time and lived in out of the way places. Thanks to Gage and ISS I am able to continually learn from home and interact with the community. Her courses are informative, easily understood and very thorough. Gage is so knowledgeable and accommodating it always a pleasure to take a class. She always goes over and above for her students. I try to never miss an opportunity to do a course with her. - Yetta McNeil Mayto, Mexico
For many years I have been a university professor. I taught Italian language, literature and film until I decided to go back to my original interest in alternative medicine. In the meantime various alternative practices had gained some acceptance from the medical official establishment. The Quantum Biofeedback technique was my best choice. I studied, I passed my exams, I practiced, I obtained a regular certification as CBS, but at this point I realized that I still did not know enough for being a successful practitioner. I was capable to run a good basic session, but I could not engage myself with the most complex biofeedback panels that could be more effective for my client. A friend directed me to Gage Tarrant’s training program. Gage Tarrant has an amazing knowledge of the different aspects of the biofeedback technique. With her clients she can face all kind of problems at every level from physiological to psychological to spiritual. Following her courses I am now confident I can receive the knowledge I need in order to improve my understanding of Quantum Biofeedback practice. I recommend her as a trainer to all practitioners new and old without reservation. Just enroll in one of her classes and see yourself!! - Latifah Troncelliti
I have taken mentorship classes from Gage Tarrant to supplement the full courses offered by ISS. These mentorship classes I consider mandatory to get a grasp of the full usage of this wellness modality in all its' depth. I woukd never have become as useful to my clients without them. I hope every new practitioner will see the wisdom of learning from them. They pay for themselves over and over in gratitude and healing from your clients. - Natasha Swig, CBS, CSMS, CWC
I am so grateful to have found this Community and Education that is well rounded, sophisticated and has been the biggest gift to me to advance in my Practice of Homeopathy. Thank you Gage Tarrant! - Paige Fox, CHom, CCH
My so DEAR, Well Respected and Very Appreciated Teacher, Maestra, Gage, Before reading the wonderful and exiting 2017 Offering of yours, I had decided for my next year to impose a Calendar, with specific dates to repeat consciously ALL your Classes I have been savouring for the past 2 years! I love hearing you, your are fun, love your laugh and comments...You make it possible to stay focused for 3 hours long ( sometimes more). I stay tuned in, and you make my day! Your Classes are so professional! You Organize me and My Life. My Integrity too. You have a special Rythm that reaches all the way to each cell of my body ( I can only speak for me!!) however, I can feel this is also felt in the other participants' heart as well. So Generous and EXACT with each Terms, wow.."Chapeau" as we say in French! The Chat room is great, we expand greatly by sharing! Great Modality and super great Teacher! I love it , Love it. I would recommend you to anyone interested in growing in competence, in knowledge, in sharpness and in humanity and Love. THANKS A MILLION. - Danielle out of Argentina
I wanted to express my appreciation, as well as let you know how awesome my tech support session was today. Jeremy was very patient with me, as I'm very slow with computers and easily overwhelmed. He explored various avenues to ensure my computer and device were working and I believe we resolved the issue that I was concerned about. Having utilized other tech supports, I was very pleased at Jeremy's integrity and commitment to resolving the issue without being in a hurry or cutting corners. I will be referring potential buyers your way as I've experienced other services, and nothing compares to the education and tech support offered through you. Exceptional!! In Gratitude,- Christine Knapp-Phillips
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