Live from the Crow's Nest Bloginars:

Please enjoy the following recordings of the Institute of Stress Science's (ISS) weekly complimentary, community service bloginars "Live from the Crow's Nest", which occur almost every Friday morning at 10 a.m. Mountain Time (9 a.m. Pacific/ 11 a.m. Central /Noon Eastern.) To both join these meetings and watch the recordings, please use the Chrome browser. If you are trying to connect from an iPad or Android tablet or phone, you will need to download the free Adobe Connect App from your App Store and use the App to connect to the meeting. There is now an "extra click" required on a pop up that appears in the new Adobe platform that says, "join the meeting". Please be sure it is not opening behind your main browser window, and we look forward to seeing you there! 

The videos below are from 2018, which will continue to be posted here regularly as they occur. Be sure to check back regularly! All Live from the Crow's Nest meetings and recordings are between 30 minutes to one hour. The password to open the videos is mindnrg and please be sure to visit to see what ISS scholarships are available with new Scio and Eductor device purchases, in addition to used Scios and Indigos.

January 5, we ushered the New Year in with inventor, Desire Dubounet, who guided us through the new NeuroEEG program. Over the holidays, we had been working with beta versions of what will be released soon, and the NeuroEEG features is one that everyone will love! Desi herself explained numeric ranges, gamma learning waves, and more. 

January 12, Gage covered a refresher on the round radio buttons on the "Mental NLP Panel". 

January 19, is available to all ISS account holders inside the course area for "Live from the Crow's Nest"

January 26, Gage covered a refresher on special considerations surrounding the "TMJ" (TMD) dental panel. 

February 2, Gage covered one of her favorite approaches to deepening "Resistance to Change" work using the "Shul" signatures on the matrix. There are three "Shul" signatures on the matrix (named such by the Monastery of Herbs, the company that created the herbal formulas these signatures were measured from.)  This work is a game changer when coupled with the "resistance to change" signature!



 March 2Quick Shortcuts from the Main Matrix


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March 9, A Flower Essence Bouquet Session

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March 23, Past Life Panel Applications for Spiritual Coaching

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March 30, Rejuvenation Themes for Sessions

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Congress of Quantum MastersIn-Light Sponsors : April Blake and Adele Domo 

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