ISS Mentorship Program

Over the years, the most frequent request from practitioners worldwide has been to be a "fly on the wall" as they watched someone with experience conduct a live biofeedback session on real people, on real issues, in a session style that addresses all levels: mind, body and spirit, and to follow the progress through 6 subsequent sessions (many of you know of this as a "Case History" from your other fields).
How would you like to NOT ONLY watch real sessions in action in a live webinar format (and earn CEU's at the same) from one of the longest-term practitioners & internationally certified teachers of the device personally trained by the inventor, but also receive the session FOR YOURSELF, virtually, as part of a small group of like minded individuals navigating and supporting sweeping world changes together?
Announcing the ISS Mentorship Program, with Gage Tarrant
Learn by watching AND experiencing organically flowing "thinking on your feet" techniques that could never occur in a simplistic "protocol" approach.  Learn to operate outside the box as the master of your equipment, comfortable with your choices by going through the process as an observer/ receiver, then applying the unique pearls that unfold to yourself and clients individually in session.
Learn to make a session-to session plan and build upon your work, and still remain open to spontaneity as the 6 month process unfolds new levels of wellness and being in ways that are central to the stress profiles of professionals. Bond with other like-minded practitioners in a small group through the process, for a sense of private yet meaningful community, growth and support for the Shift now occurring world wide!

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One of the most interesting group of signatures to work with can be the "isode" signatures. Some signatures are combinations that need to be understood, while others double as excellent choices in the hyper-reactant panel. 

This course will take certain isodes and break down different reasons a client or patient may react to them, and/ be "resonant" with them. This course will explore combinations of homotoxicology panel use, allersodes use, inversions, and more, all tailored to the nature of various isodes, which are homeopathic signatures of man-made chemicals from the environment, food, cleaning products, and more. 

Dates and Times: The exact dates will be announced shortly; but this series will begin December 5, and take place on the same schedule as the "Working with Nosodes" program last year, which is every Thursday that is not a holiday or an in-class training.  This schedule of more frequent and shorter 2 hour webinars will alternate every Thursday between mornings at 10 a.m. Mountain Time and afternoons at 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time to accommodate our practitioner base from around the world.

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