L3 Advanced Applications - Dental & TMJ

If you've already had your advanced training and are looking for more ways to expand upon your range of skills for TMJ stress management wellness support, or are just a beginner and wish to learn the dental feedback panel from the ground up, in ways that incorporate solid holistic wellness theories, this course is for you! The course includes a review of the (sometimes complicated) basic navigation of the Dental Feedback panel, along with indepth coverage and multiple angles on TMJ, called the "Great Imposter" because of how causally entwined with other seemingly unrelated health factors it is. If you've ever wondered how to understand and manage the complex stress and pain profiles of cavitations, root canals and missing teeth, and work with the matrix stem cell, oxygen, bone degeneration, toxins and other signatures specific to TMD in profound yet simple ways that can support overall wellness, this online, pre-recorded streaming video course is for you! The course is currently 8 hours (and CEU's) of insights into this pervasive concern, and covers how to find the hidden TMD factors many are unaware of (and which can have consequences in other areas of wellness), along with how to apply them into your biofeedback session strategy. The Biofeedback panels covered in the course include: Dental Feedback, TMJ Muscle Sarcodes, Spinal + Cranial Sacral, Bone Signatures Panel, Homotoxicology, Many Main Matrix Panel functions, Autofocus Bioresonance Zap, and of course searching the Matrix for the obscure and little known entwined stressors and more.

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